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Therser: Now Certified To BS.EN.ISO 9606-1 Welding Standard

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 27-Nov-2018 16:31:38

As a thermal services and engineering business, we are often asked about the various standards and codes there are in the field of welding. Given that we provide furnaces and kilns for sensitive sectors like the aerospace industry, sanitaryware manufacturers and solar energy businesses – among others – welding quality is a question that crops up again and again. This is why we are proud to have been certified under the demanding BS.EN.ISO 9606-1 standards for welding quality.

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Introducing Our New Test Rig

Posted by Joanne Hunt on 02-Oct-2018 12:13:29

We are delighted to announce that our new in-house test rig is operational for training and testing purposes. The test rig was developed to serve a number of purposes, which are briefly explained in this article. First and foremost, the rig allows us to test new advances in burner technology and control systems before offering them to our customers – speeding up product development and making it easier for us to innovate.

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Introducing Our New Therser Line of Lab Furnaces

Posted by Joanne Hunt on 17-Sep-2018 12:13:34

After doing lengthy research and considering our clients’ comments, we made the decision to present a new line of electric furnaces. There are numerous models of this furnace so the choice of which depends on the volume/size of products which need to be fired, rate at which the product requires firing at and the continuous temperature your products require.

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Replacement Kiln Cars

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 07-Sep-2018 17:33:29

Very often, the unique design of a kiln means the cars are designed and built specifically for that kiln. The size and shape, construction materials and approach, and general complexity can vary widely. It means that specialists, such as Therser, who have many years’ experience in designing and building furnaces and kilns, also know a great deal about what makes for high performance, reliable kiln cars.

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Kiln & Furnace Spare Parts

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 24-Aug-2018 09:31:17


One of the most important factors in rapid resolution of a breakdown is knowing who to call to obtain the spare part that is needed. Indeed, sometimes you may need someone who can advise you about what part or parts may be the most likely ones to have failed to cause the problem symptoms your kiln, furnace, oven or dryer may be exhibiting. At Therser we provide the best advice and support so you get the right parts at the right price each time.

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Instrumentation Repairs

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 17-Aug-2018 16:12:04

A furnace or kiln can only be as good as its control system allows. Faulty instrumentation can lead to costly consequences if it impacts the firing cycle in such a way as to cause wastage or defects in ware during production runs. At Therser we address all issues with control systems to ensure your kiln operates at peak efficiency.

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Combustion System Upgrades

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 02-Aug-2018 16:10:43

Energy comes third on the list of overheads for many companies. That means that keeping it under control or reducing it protects the bottom line. Your furnaces, kilns and ovens are probably the largest consumers.

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Mechanical Repairs

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 02-Aug-2018 15:56:40

As manufacturers of bespoke industrial furnaces, kilns, ovens and RTOs and suppliers of products from major brands, we at Therser are highly experienced in every aspect of these units, including the moving parts and mechanisms.

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Brickwork Repairs

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 26-Jul-2018 17:37:25

Brickwork in kilns and furnaces are extraordinarily resilient and long lasting, despite the stresses it undergoes at every firing/cooling cycle. Even when it seems to be almost flaking away, it can still withstand temperatures of 1700C / 3092F. Despte that, there comes a point at which old and damaged refractory bricks degrade to the extent that they do begin to exact a cost on productivity through inefficient heat retention and even damage to the kiln ware from dust or particles falling off the bricks.

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Fibre Lining Repairs

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 26-Jul-2018 17:36:39

Fibre linings deteriorate over time and gradually present reduced insulation properties, eventually resulting in higher fuel costs or longer firing cycles or both. While preventative maintenance of furnace and kiln linings is highly recommended and proven to prolong its life, damage can occur through accidents and may require urgent repairs to the lining. We can repair your fibre linings to retain your kiln’s insulation properties and help it retain heat output across the firing cycle.

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