Refractory Repairs

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 06-Feb-2019 11:01:12

Refractories are a very significant cost element on the construction of furnaces and do require occasional maintenance and even downtime for repair, which is never a welcome prospect for any operation manager or business owner. We at Therser fully understand how critical a component your refractory linings are to the operation of your business and how urgently it must be brought back into service with as short an outage duration as possible.


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Brickwork Repairs

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 26-Jul-2018 17:37:25

Brickwork in kilns and furnaces are extraordinarily resilient and long lasting, despite the stresses it undergoes at every firing/cooling cycle. Even when it seems to be almost flaking away, it can still withstand temperatures of 1700C / 3092F. Despte that, there comes a point at which old and damaged refractory bricks degrade to the extent that they do begin to exact a cost on productivity through inefficient heat retention and even damage to the kiln ware from dust or particles falling off the bricks.

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Topics: Brickwork

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