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Therser UK's Ceramic Fibre Lining

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 11-Dec-2020 07:50:07

Therser UK LTD continue to produce our own high performance ceramic fibre lining, this enables Therser to be able to cut out any third parties and middle men saving our customers both time and money. Therser UK's lining is the best on the market and can enhance the performance of our kilns and furnaces making it the best choice for any high value kiln.

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Therser Renew SafeContractor Accreditation

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 10-Dec-2020 14:10:02

We are delighted to announce that our services will continue to be SafeContractor approved, following a successful health and safety audit. The SafeContractor scheme sets a rigorous benchmark for health and safety and quality standards in the engineering, logistics and manufacturing sectors. To become a member, each applicant has to undergo a comprehensive audit tailored to their specific business, taking into account risks and risk management for every business process.

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Therser Renewed CHAS H&S Accreditation

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 09-Dec-2020 15:17:05

Well done to all of the Therser team! After an extensive auditing and compliance process, we were delighted to have our CHAS Health and Safety accreditation renewed. The Contractor’s Health & Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) is one of the UK’s leading third-party accreditation services – arguably THE authority on health and safety compliance outside of the government HSE. The association’s accredited membership now includes over 1000 client organisations in the public and private sectors, as well as more than 70,000 registered contractors.

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Therser UK Invest In a New Assembly Hall Facility

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 02-Dec-2020 10:19:31

Therser UK the UK'S number one specialist manufacturer of industrial kilns & furnaces, have successfully acquired a new assembly hall facility. Therser's new facility is located next to the Therser HQ in the heart of Burslem. Therser continuously strives and invest towards the future  to keep up with the current order book. Therser's new assembly hall will play a huge part in allowing the manufacturing of larger products. The new 3500m² facility will also accommodate a on-site engineering shop accompanied by packing stations, office blocks and a rest room.

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Did you know Therser UK Design and Manufactures Automation systems?

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 23-Sep-2020 12:17:02

Therser UK the UK's number one kiln and heat treatment company continues to invest in automation to serve the needs of warehouse, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries by providing automated solutions for storage optimisation, pallet handling, sortation, packaging, labelling and production lines.

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48 Metre Fast Fire Tunnel Kiln Manufacture/Installation For Churchill

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 20-Apr-2020 13:31:38

The UK’s number one Kiln and Furnace manufacturer, Therser UK, have made great strides manufacturing and installing the new 48-metre fast-fire Tunnel Kiln at Churchill, Stoke-on-Trent.

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Tunnel Kiln vs Shuttle Kiln: The Pros & Cons

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 06-Mar-2020 10:34:08

If you're looking for an industrial kiln capable of firing products in large volumes, there are two types of kiln that you can choose from: a tunnel kiln or shuttle kiln. In this article we examine how each type works, and the comparative advantages of each.

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Happy Christmas From Therser!

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 19-Dec-2019 12:12:34

On behalf of our whole team, we would like to wish our customers and suppliers a joyous Christmas and a prosperous 2020.

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Therser Behind Stoke’s Push To Become A Ceramics Centre Of Excellence

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 29-Apr-2019 10:00:00

To some, it is known as Stoke-on-Trent. A cosy 36 square miles of industrial history, with a characteristically unassuming name that simply means ‘place on the river’.

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New Pipework Standards Reached & Work Begins

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 26-Apr-2019 09:16:23

There has been significant interest in our latest welding standards accreditation to BS.EN.ISO 9606-1, and at Therser we are now fully into the flow. BS.EN.ISO 9606-1 is a demanding certification that enables us to guarantee the best quality for equally demanding sectors.

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