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Therser UK's Next Generation Of Electrically Fired Test Kiln

Therser UK have experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing electric kilns and furnaces, whether its general repair work or fully designed and manufactured automated electric kiln and furnaces systems.


Therser UK have Installed a brand new electric test kiln into their main facility located on walley street, Burslem. The Therser UK test kiln was manufactured and installed by Therser UK and will be used to showcase to customers the main differences between electrically fired kilns and gas fired kilns as well as the effect it has on their product.


Therser UK continues to offer a specialised and unique in house test firing facility. If you wish to contact us about a potential test firing of your product we would be happy to assist, please contact  or call 01782 824453 to speak with a sales advisor directly. 

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