Therser UK:  Kiln Solutions with Turnkey Options

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 12-Feb-2024 10:39:42

Therser UK will help you design and manufacture your new kiln. We aim to be your partner throughout all of your new project.

The below image is a contract at the start of its journey with us. We fabricate and weld all of our projects, offering a full turnkey solution. 

Technical Proposal and Formal Quotation: After understanding the 
client's needs, a detailed technical proposal is prepared, outlining the 
suggested solutions and associated costs, culminating in a formal 
quotation for the project.
Pre-Engineering to Full Engineering: In this phase, initial pre engineering is performed to lay the groundwork for the project. As the 
collaboration progresses, the team transitions to full-scale engineering, 
finalizing the project's specifications.
• Computational Fluid Dynamics: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 
simulations are used to study fluid flow and heat transfer within the 
system, optimizing performance and minimizing energy consumption.
• Heat Up and Heat Transfer Thermal Analysis: This analysis assesses the 
heating and heat transfer mechanisms, allowing for precise control of 
temperature profiles and uniformity within the thermal processes.
• 3D Modelling: Utilizing advanced 3D modeling software, a detailed 
representation of the project is created, aiding visualization and 
improving design accuracy.
• Full Refractory Solutions: Comprehensive refractory solutions are 
offered, providing the appropriate materials and designs to withstand 
high temperatures and corrosive environments.
• Electric Element Heating Systems: Electric element heating systems are 
designed for projects that require precision heating control





In-House Full Project Manufacturing Capability: We design and 
manufacture your project which gives you full control of your design..
• Virtual Reality Tours of Your Project: Clients are offered virtual reality 
tours, allowing them to experience the project's layout and functionality 
before physical construction.
3 Off Electrically Fired Test Kilns, with Process Gas Options: In-house test 
kilns are available for clients to conduct trials and optimize their products' 
firing processes.
• CAD Drawing and Design: Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawings are 
provided, aiding in visualization and facilitating communication throughout 
the project.
• Project Managed: The entire project is meticulously managed, ensuring 
timelines are met, and resources are efficiently utilized.
• Test Firings of Your Product: The project includes test firings of the client's 
product, ensuring it meets the desired specifications and performance 
• In-House PLC Programming: In-house Programmable Logic Controller 
(PLC) programming enables customized automation and control solutions.
• In-House Panel Building: The fabrication of electrical panels is done in house, ensuring quality control and efficient integration of control 


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