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Replacement Kiln Cars


Very often, the unique design of a kiln means the cars are designed and built specifically for that kiln. The size and shape, construction materials and approach, and general complexity can vary widely. It means that specialists, such as Therser, who have many years’ experience in designing and building furnaces and kilns, also know a great deal about what makes for high performance, reliable kiln cars.

Considerations For Replacement Kiln Cars

Because thermal engineering technology, techniques and materials are constantly evolving, commissioning replacement kiln cars should be seen as an opportunity to consider upgrades as advised by the supplier.

The ideal car that you might order today may be vastly different and far superior to your existing stock. Lower thermal mass car decks, better overall thermal performance and longevity are just some factors that may be considered in favour of adopting new ideas.

Benefits Of Lightweight & Low Thermal Mass

Lightweight cars, used together with low thermal mass kiln furniture can mean post-kiln cooling time reduced or eliminated because of low thermal mass. They can also deliver lower specific energy consumption because of:

  • higher ware/car weight ratio
  • shorter cycle times generally enjoyable

Less wear and maintenance can be expected due to less weight.

Other Considerations

Regardless of other benefits, any new car design must reasonably match the existing stock in terms for thermal compatibility and dimensions. Any significant differences must first be agreed, as this could require adjustment to the kilns themselves.

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Regardless of the age, design or application of your kiln(s), it is well worth your while to have a free professional consultation with us at Therser Thermal Services & Engineering. Our many years of experience with all aspects of kiln design and operation has provided us with valuable insights into how to deliver even the most demanding of requirements and specifications for replacement kiln cars.

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