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New Pipework Standards Reached & Work Begins

New Pipework Standards Reached & Work Begins.

There has been significant interest in our latest welding standards accreditation to BS.EN.ISO 9606-1, and at Therser we are now fully into the flow. BS.EN.ISO 9606-1 is a demanding certification that enables us to guarantee the best quality for equally demanding sectors.


How Is Therser Involved?

By reaching an advanced level of certification, Therser is able to participate directly in innovative research. Therser intends to use this data to inform on-going research and development into our own kilns and furnaces. At the same time, we are ahead of the curve as the industry shifts towards a more positive future. To lead this development, the highest level of certification is needed.

What Does This Mean For My Company?

The BS.EN.ISO 9606-1 certification means that clients can recognise the quality of Therser welding. Applying the certification within the context of research and development enhances the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) value of associated organisations.

In combination with our existing Regenerating Thermal Oxidisers (RTOs), this is a dynamic step forward for everyone involved, and one that promises a cleaner future for a broad range of industries. Work has now begun, so watch this space for more news. You can also get in touch by calling +44 (0) 1782 824453, or by using our contact form. Therser are dedicated to creating a sustainable atmosphere, and we’re proud to have set the most recent wheel in motion.

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