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Mechanical Repairs


As manufacturers of bespoke industrial furnaces, kilns, ovens and RTOs and suppliers of products from major brands, we at Therser are highly experienced in every aspect of these units, including the moving parts and mechanisms.

We offer service packages and spare parts for the units that we supply but we can also consider repairs on other equipment upon request and we carry out key aspects of corrective maintenance including troubleshooting and inspections.


Common Mechanical Problems

Simple mechanical wear is inevitable and should be detected by a good preventative maintenance programme. However, wear may not be noticed or may be ignored until the extent of it causes an issue and either brings a process to a halt or injects unworkable delay.

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In larger production landscapes, automation is increasingly expanding and modern kilns and furnaces lend themselves to automated processes and materials handling equipment. The downside is that and breakdown can have a ripple effect in knocking out downstream processes and delaying the entire production line. Here are some of the problems that we are regularly called upon to repair:

  • Transit system in continuous kilns, such as hydraulic or electromechanical pusher system / car pusher system
  • Batt handling systems
  • Doors and their operating mechanisms
  • Top hat opening mechanisms
  • Sensors, fans and safety cutout apparatus

Modern units contain many subsystems that require specialist knowledge and engineering to install and maintain. This is why we always provide ongoing support and maintenance for every unit that we supply, whether it is bespoke manufactured by us or is a branded piece of equipment supplied by us.


Mechanical Repairs For All Types of Kiln & Furnace

Regardless of your model of furnace, kiln, oven, RTO or other similar installation, why not give us at Therser a call to discuss your problem scenario. We will quickly let you know whether or not we can help and when we can be available to carry out remedial work. Call today on +44 (0) 1782 824453 or use our contact form.

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