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Upgrading Kiln Cars: Enhancing Performance and Efficiency

Kilns often have a unique design, which means that the cars used in them are specifically tailored to fit. The size, shape, materials, and complexity of these cars can vary greatly. Specialists like Therser, who have extensive experience in designing and constructing furnaces and kilns, possess a wealth of knowledge on what makes for high-performance and reliable kiln cars.

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Considerations For Replacement Kiln Cars

With the ever-evolving advancements in thermal engineering technology, techniques, and materials, the replacement of kiln cars presents a valuable opportunity to consider upgrades as suggested by the supplier.

The cars available for order today can be remarkably different and significantly superior to your existing stock. Factors such as lower thermal mass car decks, improved overall thermal performance, and increased longevity are just a few considerations that favor the adoption of new ideas.

Benefits Of Lightweight & Low Thermal Mass

Utilizing lightweight cars in conjunction with low thermal mass kiln furniture can lead to a significant reduction or elimination of post-kiln cooling time due to the low thermal mass. Additionally, these lightweight cars offer the advantage of lower specific energy consumption, thanks to a higher ware/car weight ratio and generally shorter cycle times. Furthermore, the reduced weight of these cars results in less wear and maintenance required.

Other Considerations

In addition to the various advantages, it is essential that any new car design aligns reasonably with the thermal compatibility and dimensions of the existing stock. Any substantial differences must be mutually agreed upon, as this may necessitate adjustments to the kilns themselves.

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