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Fibre Lining Repairs


Fibre linings deteriorate over time and gradually present reduced insulation properties, eventually resulting in higher fuel costs or longer firing cycles or both. While preventative maintenance of furnace and kiln linings is highly recommended and proven to prolong its life, damage can occur through accidents and may require urgent repairs to the lining. We can repair your fibre linings to retain your kiln’s insulation properties and help it retain heat output across the firing cycle.

Speedy Repair Is Essential

The longer that lining damage is ignored, the more money is being burned through heat loss. While outages are anathema to a Production Manager and owner, there comes a time when the cost/benefit ratio begins to swing into the red. Professional refractory experts, such as we are, understand the needs of production lines and the urgency to keep downtime to the minimum.


Assessment & Plan

The first thing we do when on your site is assess the materials and condition of your existing lining. Very often, efficient repair requires only a section of lining to be replaced. We always try to match or improve on existing fastening mechanisms so as to maintain a standard level of engineering throughout your unit. Fibre technology brings new developments and materials almost every year and we take great care to remain abreast of the latest materials and techniques. That means that we can recommend improvements as we will as selecting the most suitable materials for your repair job.


Some Facts About Fibre Lining

Not only is the heat capacity of ceramic fibre approximately just 10% of castable and heat resistant linings, its low heat capacity makes for shorter start-up and shutdown phases. That is an obvious energy saving benefit over and above the enhanced thermal efficiency as an insulator. Replacing firebricks in a traditional furnace or kiln is a task that is measured in weeks. With fibre, it takes just days.


Repair Your Refractory Lining Today

Whether you need fibre lining repairs or wish to consider relining your furnace or kiln with fibre materials to take advantage of the greater insulation characteristics, do call Therser today for an introductory chat with one of our experts and a no-obligation assessment of your requirements. Call us today on +44 (0) 1782 824453 or use our contact form.

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