Electrically Fired High Temp Kiln For Aerospace Ceramic Cores

Posted by Therser Sales Team on 07-Sep-2017 08:08:00

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Therser UK Ltd have recently completed the construction and installation of an electric heated shuttle kiln. This was installed with kiln cars and in-line tracking with a nominal capacity of 3.164 m3 for the firing to 1250ºC ( maximum rating 1300ºC) complete with single leaf swing door and associated equipment.




The kiln has a maximum rated temperature of 1300 ºC and a working temperature of 1250 ºC. The fuel type is electrical and the atmosphere is oxidising.


The product moisture content was 0.5% maximum prior to firing.


We supplied 2 kiln car supllies and 1 car in the kiln.


The total setting dimensions are: 1.600mm long / 860mm wide /1.150mm high


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The kiln has a low thermal mass ceramic fibre hot face lining with brick piers for element support trays. The type of elements include:

  • Spiral wire wound on trays.
  • Material Kanthal A-1 Ferritic FeCrA alloy.

The element positions for the kiln are:

  • Side wall
  • Door
  • Back wall
  • Kiln car

The element power rating is 180 kw / 60 per zone.


There are 3 control zones in this kiln all controlled by Eurothem high reliability zero crossover burst firing thyristor units.


There are also three "S" type thermocouples.

The kiln was also supplied with:

  • A roof mounted motorised automatic exhaust/cooling damper.
  • Side wall air injection system controlled by a motorised control butterfly valve.
  • Hood over the kiln exhaust/cooling damper with an exhaust chimney.


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