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Maximize Efficiency and Savings with Our Free Roller Hearth Kiln Guide

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 Discover the Therser UK's Buyer's Guide to Roller Hearth Kilns (RHKs) now available for immediate download. RHKs, also known as continuous firing kilns, offer an uninterrupted production line from raw materials to the final packaged product. Initially designed for ceramic tile production, the latest generation of RHKs can now accommodate a diverse range of ceramics, glassware, and construction merchandise.

Investing in an RHK offers a multitude of advantages, such as significant reductions in labor costs, increased productivity through continuous firing cycles, and impressive energy savings. The latest RHK models are equipped with advanced automation features, enabling manufacturers to operate on flexible shift patterns and expand their product range.

Our newly released guide, available at no cost, provides comprehensive information about RHKs. It covers topics such as a comparison with other kiln types and how we can assist you in maximizing your return on investment.

Topics Covered Include:

  • The latest trends in roller hearth kiln design
  • How to select the correct specifications for your kiln
  • Advice on servicing, maintenance, and repairs
  • Thermal characteristics
  • Conveyor systems
  • Automation
  • Advice on industrial applications
  • How to choose a manufacturer and how best to invest your money

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Therser is the UK’s leading designer and manufacturer of Roller Hearth Kilns. We specialise in bespoke kiln and furnace design, alongside servicing, repairs, spare parts, commissioning, and decommissioning. We provide a range of kilns, firing equipment and emission control devices to suit different applications. An industrial kiln is an important asset, so for advice on selecting the right equipment for you, please call our technical sales team today on 01782 824453.

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To discuss your requirements please call 01782 824453, or email

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