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Case Study: High Temperature Kiln For Technical Ceramics

High Temp Kiln High Alumina Tech Ceramics 2.jpg


Therser UK Ltd have recently completed the construction and installation of a One Car, Downdraught Gas fired Shuttle Kiln With gantry door for technical ceramics.




This high temperature kiln has a combustion system that is modulating in Ratio Air/Fuel with pre heated combustion.


It has one afterburner and four high temperature burners (Type Eclipse TJSR) complete with spark ignition, flame failure controls and all relevant shutoff valves/flow control valves on both the gas and airlines.


High Temp Kiln High Alumina Tech Ceramics 1.jpg


There are also four independent control zones with excess air, stoichiometric and pulse firing modes complete with SCADA system.


The kiln is fueled by natural gas and the atmosphere is oxidising.

The kiln door is fastened using wheel type door clamps.


High Temp Kiln High Alumina Tech Ceramics 3.jpg


Some other useful specifications and dimensions...

  • Nominal capacity – 1 Cubic Meter nominal
  • Setting dimensions – 1000 mm Wide, 1000mm High, 1000 mm Long
  • Firing temperature – 1600°c
  • Max design temperature – 1650°c
  • Temperature profile range – +/-1°C at soak
  • Nominal kiln external dimensions - 2500mm Wide, Approx 2500mm High, 3000mm Long


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