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15 Cubic Metre Capacity Gas Fired, 3-Car Shuttle/Intermittent Kiln

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Therser UK Ltd have recently completed the construction and installation of a 15 Cubic Metre Capacity Gas Fired, 3-Car Shuttle/Intermittent Kiln for Darwen Terracotta And Faience.




Qty Description
One - Three Car, Up Draft Shuttle / Intermittent Kiln complete with Gas Fired Combustion System, Controls and Instrumentation and all necessary ancillary equipment and services as described herewith.
Six - Kiln Cars including Refractory Super-structure, Chassis and Wheel Sets to suit.
Two - Kiln Car Standby Loading / Unloading Track Units at each end of the kiln.
One - Delivery and Installation of the above Equipment.
One - Commissioning of the above Equipment.


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  • Proven Technology for the Firing of Architectural Terracotta.
  • Bespoke design, designed in house by Experienced Therser Engineers.
  • Burner Configuration designed to maximise Heat Transfer and Temperature Uniformity.
  • To ensure the quality of build, the Kiln is designed in a modular form and pre-assembled in our works prior to despatch. This also ensures minimal installation time on site.
  • “Multi Temperature Control Zones” providing excellent temperature distribution and control throughout the Kiln chamber

Other Items Included

  • Therser Designed “MMC” (Multi-Zone, Multi-Mode Combustion) System, incorporating programmable automatically switchable High/Low, On Ratio Gas and Air modulation or Pulse Firing Control.
  • Kiln Pressure Control.
  • Kiln SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System.

15 Cubic Metre Capacity Gas Fired Kiln 1.jpg


Multi Zone, Multi-Mode Combustion System


Therser’s MMC (Multi-Zone, Multi-Mode Combustion) system is capable of independently controlling each Temperature Control Zone using different combustion control philosophy. At any point in the cycle, the Furnace combustion system can be automatically switch from “High/Low” to “On Ratio” gas and air modulation to “Pulse Firing” control. The advantage with this system is that it provides optimum temperature control and heat distribution at all points of the firing cycle together with the further benefits of reducing fuel consumption in a predictable and repeatable manner.


Fully Project Managed


A project manager was assigned to this project to oversee the successful build, testing and installation.


Safety Standards & Conformity


The kiln was built to the following standards:

  • EN746-1 Industrial Thermo-Processing Equipment Part 1 – Common Safety Requirements for Industrial Thermo-Processing Equipment.
  • EN746-2 Industrial Thermo-processing equipment – Part 2: Safety requirements for combustion and fuel handling systems.
  • CE Mark – compliance with EU 'Conformité Européenne'

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