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Calcination of Battery Materials -  THERSER UK offers Full Turnkey Solutions

Calcination of Battery Materials -  THERSER UK offers Full Turnkey Solutions

Calcination of Cathode Active Material (CAM) for Lithium-Ion Batteries with THERSER UK

At THERSER UK, we specialize in the advanced calcination processes required for the production of Cathode Active Material (CAM) used in lithium-ion batteries, and Anode The cathode, or positive electrode, is a crucial component of these batteries, typically composed of lithium metal oxides.

Advanced Material Systems

While traditional lithium-ion batteries use lithium cobalt oxide for the cathode, recent advancements have introduced alternative material systems. Despite these innovations, lithium and oxygen remain integral to the structure, with cobalt often being replaced partially or entirely by metals such as nickel and manganese. These alternative compositions are referred to as lithium metal oxide cathodes.

Importance of Microstructure

The performance of lithium-ion batteries heavily depends on the microstructure, morphology, particle size, and purity of the cathode material. These parameters influence the electrochemical characteristics, including the energy density, which is critical for applications like electric vehicles.


Precision in Production

Achieving the optimal microstructure for cathode materials involves meticulous selection of raw materials and a controlled production process. Lithium metal oxides are formed by thermally treating a mixture of individual metal oxides at high temperatures (800-1000 °C) under specific atmospheric conditions. This process begins with raw materials such as lithium hydroxides or carbonates.

The Calcination Process

Calcination, the initial step in the production of cathode materials, involves heating raw materials to release water (H2O) or carbon dioxide (CO2) at temperatures between 600-800 °C. This reaction produces the oxides necessary for the next stage, where these oxides form a mixed crystal through further thermal treatment.

Expertise in Thermal Treatment

At THERSER UK, we excel in both steps of this process:

  1. Calcination: Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure precise thermal treatment, allowing for quick and efficient reactions once the required temperatures and materials are available.
  2. Sintering: We conduct sintering or solid diffusion to form mixed crystals. This process, highly dependent on time, is meticulously controlled to ensure the desired material properties are achieved.

Custom Solutions

THERSER UK offers customized solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether integrating the calcination and sintering steps into a single continuous process or separating them with intermediate cooling phases, our flexible approach ensures optimal results. Our advanced technologies and extensive expertise allow us to provide solutions that enhance the performance and reliability of lithium-ion batteries.

Why Choose THERSER UK?

  • Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge equipment and processes to ensure precise thermal treatment and material production.
  • Expertise and Experience: Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in the calcination and sintering processes, ensuring high-quality outputs.
  • Customizable Solutions: We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether you require integrated processes or separate treatment phases.
  • Quality Assurance: Our rigorous quality control measures ensure that every batch of cathode material meets the highest standards of purity and performance.

Applications and Benefits

Our calcination processes produce cathode materials that are ideal for a wide range of lithium-ion battery applications, including:

  • Electric Vehicles (EVs): High energy density and performance for longer driving ranges.
  • Consumer Electronics: Enhanced battery life and reliability for smartphones, laptops, and other devices.
  • Renewable Energy Storage: Efficient and durable batteries for storing energy from solar and wind power.

Partner with THERSER UK

By partnering with THERSER UK, you gain access to our cutting-edge calcination processes and expertise in producing superior Cathode Active Materials. We are committed to supporting your specific requirements and helping you achieve the highest performance from your lithium-ion batteries.

Visit our website for more information on how we can assist with your lithium-ion battery material needs. Let THERSER UK be your trusted partner in advancing battery technology.

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