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Are Shuttle Kilns The Best Type Of Kiln To Use For Your Process?

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There are many different types of kiln available to ceramics businesses. The one you choose depends ultimately on the type of products you manufacture, your target production volumes and the level of flexibility you need. For some manufacturers, shuttle kilns tick all the right boxes. In this article, we explain what shuttle kilns are, how they are used and in which circumstances they are the best ceramic kiln.


What They Are Used For


Shuttle kilns are extremely flexible ovens and can be used for a variety of all sectors of ceramics. Businesses that make manufacturing industry ceramics frequently make good use of shuttle kilns. In different plants you will find kilns ranging from the fairly small (as little as one cubic metre), to large plants of 200 m³ or more – so the design style is robust enough to accommodate most requirements. This being said, shuttle kilns work most efficiently for smaller volume product runs.


The Advantages Of Shuttle Kilns


Is a shuttle kiln the best option for your business? Modern ceramics businesses are turning to shuttle kilns in increasing numbers because of the following advantages:


Automation controls: A shuttle kiln can be integrated into a computer-controlled automation system with various control zones and robotic shuttle cars. This is useful for plants looking to increase automation and reduce labour costs, while improving manufacturing capacity. Operating a top of the range shuttle kiln can be as simple as pushing a start button and then putting the kettle on!


Excellent temperature control: Shuttle kilns are great options for precision ceramics where strict temperature control is needed. Their multiple control zones allow you to step up temperature in precise increments and maintain uniformity throughout the firing as required.


High-performance: Shuttle kilns are heat efficient with minimal energy wastage, giving you a high-performance burn for comparatively low input.


How To Choose The Best Furnace For Your Business


As you can see, there are many circumstances in which a shuttle kiln may be the best choice for your plant. To help you make an informed purchase decision when investing in a new kiln, please download our new Industrial Kiln and Furnace Buyers Guide. You will find plenty of helpful advice on choosing the right specs for your plant and how to maintain your equipment at peak efficiency. Click here to download your copy.


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