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What is Martempering


Martempering, also known as quenching and tempering, is a heat treatment process used to improve the strength, toughness, and wear resistance of materials. This process involves heating the material to a specific temperature, holding it there for a period of time to ensure even heating, and then rapidly cooling it in a quenching medium. The material is then tempered to reduce its brittleness and improve its toughness.


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Martempering is different from conventional quenching in that the cooling rate is controlled to prevent the formation of brittle martensite. Instead, the material is cooled to just above the martensite start temperature and then held there to allow the formation of bainite, a microstructure that is less brittle and more ductile than martensite. Martempering is often used on high-carbon steels and other ferrous alloys.


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