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What Is An Electric Kiln?

An electric kiln is a specialised type of oven that is used for ceramics, pottery, metal and other applications that need high temperatures. It is used to heat materials to a specific temperature for a specific amount of time in order to change their physical properties, this is known as its 'Firing Cycle' such as to dry out wet clay or to harden ceramics. Electric kilns use electricity as their source of heat and are typically equipped with a digital control panel , the control panel is known as a PLC Programable Logic Controller, this allows the user to set the temperature and timing for the firing process. Therser UK can provided these in a smaller scale for use in ceramic studios, schools, and other settings where ceramics and pottery are made. We also provided industrial sized electric kilns, these will be be used for making ware on a much larger scale, the ware will used in hotels, hospitals etc.



There are several reasons why electric kilns are becoming more commonly used for firing ceramics and other materials:

  1. Precision: Electric kilns are highly precise, allowing the user to set the exact temperature and firing time needed for a specific material or process. This makes them fantastic for applications where consistent results are important.

  2. Safety: Electric kilns do not produce any open flames, making them safer to use than other types of kilns that use gas or wood as a fuel source.

  3. Ease of use: Electric kilns are relatively easy to use, with a simple control panel that allows the user to set the firing temperature and time and firing cycles. They can also be generally less expensive to operate than other types of kilns.

Overall, electric kilns offer a convenient, precise, and safe.


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