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Weld Testing: Ensuring Quality and Integrity with Magnetic Particle Inspection

Stephen Lockett is actively leveraging the Johnson & Allen Yoke (JAY) to meticulously evaluate the quality and integrity of our fabrication.


We can do any of the tests below to suit your projects design and specification..

Non-destructive testing (NDT): Conduct various NDT techniques, including ultrasonic testing, radiographic testing, or magnetic particle inspection, to detect any defects or discontinuities. These tests can identify flaws that are not visible to the naked eye and ensure the structural integrity of the fabricated components.

Dimensional checks: Verify the dimensional accuracy and alignment of the fabricated components using precise measuring tools and techniques. This includes measurements of lengths, widths, heights, hole positions, and other critical dimensions, comparing them against the design specifications.

Visual inspection: Perform a thorough visual examination of the fabricated structure to identify any surface imperfections, welding discontinuities, or irregularities that may affect its structural integrity or aesthetic appearance.

Weld quality assessment: Inspect and evaluate the quality of welds, checking for proper penetration, fusion, and absence of defects such as cracks, porosity, or undercut.

Dye penetrant testing: Apply a dye penetrant to the surface of the fabricated components to detect surface-breaking defects or cracks. Excess penetrant is then removed, and a developer is applied to visualize any indications.

Pressure testing: Subject the fabricated structure to hydrostatic or pneumatic pressure to ensure its integrity under the expected operating conditions. This test is commonly used for pressure vessels, tanks, and piping systems.

Fatigue testing: Simulate cyclic loading on the fabricated structure to evaluate its resistance to fatigue failure. This test involves applying repeated or varying loads to assess the structure's durability over time.



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