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We Do a Lot More Than Kiln and Furnace Refractory! What is a Pyrolysis Chamber?


This is one of our on-going projects we are currently undertaking. This is a Pyrolysis Chamber, we build and brick line these, this can be any shape or size. We enjoyed this challenge due to its irregular shape.

What is Pyrolysis?

Pyrolysis is a thermochemical treatment, which can be applied to any organic (carbon-based) product.  In this treatment, material is exposed to high temperature, and in the absence of oxygen goes through chemical and physical separation into different materials. The decomposition takes place thanks to the limited thermal stability of chemical bonds of materials, which allows them to be disintegrated by using heat treatment.

Thermal decomposition leads to the formation of new molecules. This allows to receive products with a different, often more superior character than original residue. Thanks to this feature, pyrolysis becomes increasingly important process to deal with waste.


During the pyrolysis, a particle of material is heated up from the ambient to defined temperature. The material remains inside the pyrolysis unit and is transported through via a retractable auger at a defined speed, until the completion of the process. 

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