Did you know at Therser UK we have a new Alloy Fabrications Facility? This offers an extensive range of Thermal Processing Applications for your every need.

Posted by Therser UK on 19-Dec-2022 09:07:40

Therser UK alloy fabrications facility is now fully operational following the transition of the site from the “Almor Tipton Fabrications” to the Therser UK Midlands based manufacturing facility  Alloy fabrications facility - Therser UK

The site maintains all of the capability to provide high quality, robust alloy fabrications to serve the thermal processing sector with, Fabricated Baskets, Trays, Retorts, Burner Radiant Tubes

Thermal Processing Applications

All the applications can be offered as new, as repairs and refurbishments to existing fabrications that can then be put back into service in a quick turn around time. Alloy fabrications facility

For Further information & details please contact:

Therser UK - Wellman Furnaces & Alloy Fabrications Facility
Units 7, 9&10
Hale Trading Estate
Lower Church Lane
Tel: +44 (0)121 522 2522

For spares email :-


For new equipment email :-


For Alloy Fabrication enquiries email :-


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