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Have You Seen This? Therser UKs Thermal Imaging camera.

Therser UK are able to use thermal imaging camera to detect general wear and tear on kiln lining and also pipework, this is done by taking videos and photos of the area in question and using them to detect defects such as leaks. This can save the customer large sums of money as getting the problem repaired before it needs replacing is cheaper for the customer in most cases. 


Therser UK's thermal imaging gun is used by our trained engineers for many different reasons, one of the many reasons is helping to identify  any loose wiring in a control panel. wiring that is not fitted correctly will get hot causing the incorrectly fitted wires to show on the thermal imaging camera. 


A thermal imaging camera uses infra red that emits from objects in order to work. the camera must be fitted with a lens that allows IR frequencies to pass through, focusing them on to a special sensor array which can, in turn, detect and read them. 

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