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Therser UK Supporting National Apprenticeship Week

Therser UK The UK’s number one Kiln and Furnace manufacturer are heavily investing in the future generation by providing a wide range of apprenticeships from mechanical and electrical instillation, to refractory, fabrication and Accountancy. 

Courtney is aspiring to become an accountant and is currently studying her AAT level 3 accountancy qualification. Working closely with our accounts team, Courtney is making fantastic progress and is thoroughly enjoying her apprenticeship.

We asked Courtney a few questions to get her thoughts on her apprenticeship and how it is helping her to build a successful career.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

 I believe that an apprenticeship is the best option in developing a career, as you are gaining experience from your job role, whilst completing a qualification. This increases your overall knowledge and understanding as you are always implementing aspects of the qualification into your day to day responsibilities within your organisation. Furthermore, choosing an apprenticeship enables employment to start earlier, meaning there's potential for the individual to progress quickly in in their chosen career path.


How has the apprenticeship helped you develop already as an individual?

Therser UK giving me the opportunity has helped me to develop as an individual, as it has given me a high level of skill and knowledge, which has increased my confidence greatly when performing tasks within my role at work. The knowledge that I have gained from progressing through the qualification has enabled me to offer more to the company as I am now able to take on more responsibilities. My work is also more reliable, which helps to maintain a trusting relationship with work colleagues. This helps to operate the business smoothly, decreasing the chances of errors occurring so that productivity can continue. Expanding on this, I have a study day every week, where I revise certain units of the qualification. Ensuring that I am making a timeslot for revision allows me to keep on top with my academic work, so that my knowledge continues to increase. This is then implemented in my role at work; for example, learning about reconciliations allows me to complete these with great confidence, which overall increases the accuracy of my work.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship?

I would strongly recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who is looking to develop a career quickly. It gives you the opportunity to implement what you are studying into your job role, so that you can progress through your career quicker with a higher level of knowledge and skill. This helps to create more opportunities for the individual, by gaining a qualification, in which they could use to progress in the employment ladder. Furthermore, choosing this career option, enables the individual to be earning at the same time as gaining a qualification; this increases independence and benefits them financially. I am very thankful for this opportunity at Therser UK and I am excited to see what the future holds.

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