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Therser UK now offer an in-house R&D test facility for the design & manufacture of electric kilns & furnaces

Therser UK have experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing electric kilns and furnaces, whether its general repair work or fully designed and manufactured automated electric kiln and furnaces systems.


Therser UK strongly believe that the electric kilns and furnaces are a great choice in the kiln / furnace industry and will provide users with great benefits such as a much smaller carbon footprint than the gas powered kilns. Therser UK realise that with the shortage of natural gas and with the increases in the overall cost of gas, Therser UK believe that the electric kilns with better emissions are a much more viable option both now and in the future if the UK is to meet its targets to slash emissions by 78% by 2035.


Therser UK now offers a specialised and unique in house test firing facility to show clients how their product would be fired by an electrically fired kiln or furnace and how it would compare to the firing of a normal gas powered kiln or furnace. for further details please  contact  or call 01782 824453 to speak with a sales advisor directly. 


At Therser UK we are proud to serve clients in a diverse range of sectors across the UK. To find out more about our kilns, furnaces, dryers, RTO’s, Conveyors/Automation and engineering services, download the free guide or e-mail  or call 01782 824453 to speak with a sales advisor directly.

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