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THERSER UK Builds Control Panels In-House to Your Specification

Therser UK's versatility when it comes to Control Units/Panels is second to none in the kiln industry, Automation plays a large role during the commissioning and running of Therser’s quality Kilns. Our panel team ensures that what leaves the shop and arrives on site is of high quality, as well as being inspected and tested to minimise Commissioning problems and delays.

Our Panels are built around the premise of being adaptable to the customers needs, we use a wide range of products to ensure that the specifications you ask for are satisfied, these specifications might include needing temperature recording/reading modules, a need for solid state relays, the latest HMI (human machine interface) screens to observe how your kilns are running and if you need to change any values, Miniature circuit breakers and Motor protection circuit breakers to protect valuable equipment as well as keeping your panel safe and fail safe relays/safety rated contactors/local and remote emergency stops to achieve a suitable safety rating in addition to reduce the risk to equipment and employees in an event of a malfunction/accident. Essentially these Panels are highly Customised to meet the client’s requirements.




Our first-year electrical apprentice, Kye Balmeris diligently testing the panel for continuity.




The HMI on this panel is a  massive 24"



Electrical Design Engineers, Software Engineers, Panel Wirers and Apprentices are all involved in the processes of building and testing. We work together to ensure that our Panels are Suitable for ‘purpose’. We are a close-knit department where we are all valued as individuals for our respective skills.


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