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Therser UK - This is our in-house test facility. This is set to expand, watch this space!

Therser UK has a vast amount of experience when it comes to designing and manufacturing electric Roller Hearth Kilns (RHK), furnaces and intricate SHS (Saggar Handling Systems). Therser UK can offer a large variety of electric kiln solutions as well as fully automated turnkey systems.

The Therser UK test facility comprises of the following system functionality.

  • Designed to replicate a continuous RHK (Roller Hearth Kiln)
  • Electrically fired
  • Automatic roller hearth bed
  • Control panel with kiln firing cycle with the ability to replicate any customer firing curve
  • Atmosphere gas injection system with mass flow controllers to inject up to two gasses at any given point in the cycle 
  • full historical trending of all KPIs and temperatures


Therser UK's test facility is designed to show customers that their product can be fired electrically with no disadvantages or defects with the fired product. Therser UK are able to achieve firings of many different products using the test kilns, this ranges from battery materials to heavy clay and ceramics as well as many more. Therser UK are in the final stages of commissioning the test kiln and can expect the kilns first firings to be within the upcoming weeks.

test kiln front

Therser UK now offers a specialised and unique in-house test firing facility to show clients how their product would be fired by an electrically fired kiln or furnace and how it would compare to the firing of a normal gas-powered kiln or furnace.

For further details please contact or call 01782 824453 to speak with a sales advisor directly. 




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