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How Many Different Products Use Heat Treatment Systems in their Manufacture? You Would Be Surprised!

In simple terms, heat treatment is the process of heating metal holding it at a certain temperature, then cooling it. During this process the metal will undergo changes in its properties. There will be many different changes that can be done, these can be determined by how long the metal is at temperature for, how fast its cooled down, if any other elements are added to the product.



Common heat treatment method are; 





Stress relieving





What metals are suitable for heat treatment?

It is mainly ferrous metals that can be heat treated. What is a ferrous metal? A ferrous metal is metal that is primally made of Iron and has magnetic properties in it, these include alloy steel, carbon steel, cast iron, these can be recycled quite easily. So, a non-ferrous metal is quite simply a metal that doesn't contain Iron, like Copper, Gold, Silver.

So how many metal products have been heat treated? It is hard to answer, as there is so many different products that have been through this process. 

Ranging from car parts, like clutches, gears, brake components, shafts. 

Mining equipment, gears, shafts, axels.

Consumer products, razors, screwdrivers, zips, mower blades.  

Medical products, hip replacements, saws, pins, scalpels.

Home products, sinks, taps, cutlery, cake tins, metal utensils. 

Tooling products, jigs, moulds, trays. 

The list goes on and on. 





So how can Therser UK help? We offer a wide range of heat treatment solutions, ranging from our bespoke Kiln/Furnace manufacture. Small or large we caterer for every need. With our onsite design and production teams helping you every step of the way. 

Please contact our sales team today on 44 (0)1782 824453 or drop us an email to 











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