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Enhancing Industrial Furnace Performance with Therser Wellman's Replacement Elements

Furnaces are essential tools in various industrial processes, and they come in various designs to accommodate different applications. These furnaces rely on specific heating elements to achieve their intended purposes. Therser Wellman provide furnace elements, TAPE, TUBULAR, CORRUGATED, and SPIRAL,  to name a few.


Industry Furnace performance


TAPE Elements

  • Applications: Pit, Continuous, and Batch Furnaces
  • Description: Flat, ribbon-like elements made from resistance wire
  • Characteristics: Versatile, efficient, even heat distribution
  • Ideal for: Heat treatment, manufacturing processes

TUBULAR Elements

  • Applications: Shaker Hearth and Continuous Furnaces
  • Description: Cylindrical elements with metal sheaths and resistance wire
  • Characteristics: Efficient heat transfer, uniform temperature distribution
  • Ideal for: Processes requiring continuous heat flow and even heating


  • Applications: Sealed Quench Furnaces
  • Description: Elements with a corrugated design for increased surface area
  • Characteristics: Consistent, controlled heat, critical for heat treatment
  • Ideal for: Quenching and tempering processes in the metallurgical industry

SPIRAL Elements

  • Applications: Pit, VFC, Batch, and Continuous Furnaces
  • Description: Spiral-shaped elements adaptable to different furnace configurations
  • Characteristics: Versatile, uniform heating, easy installation
  • Ideal for: Annealing, hardening, vertical forced convection, and various industrial processes


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