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Therser Are Now The UK's Largest Industrial Kiln Manufacturer!

Posted by Joanne Hunt on 22-Mar-2019 09:46:09

Following a busy year of growth, Therser are now the UK’s largest specialist manufacturer of industrial kilns and furnaces! Changes in the industry and investment in new manufacturing facilities have enabled us to diversify and increase the range of projects we can take on.

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Introducing Our New Test Rig

Posted by Joanne Hunt on 02-Oct-2018 12:13:29

We are delighted to announce that our new in-house test rig is operational for training and testing purposes. The test rig was developed to serve a number of purposes, which are briefly explained in this article. First and foremost, the rig allows us to test new advances in burner technology and control systems before offering them to our customers – speeding up product development and making it easier for us to innovate.

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Introducing Our New Therser Line of Lab Furnaces

Posted by Joanne Hunt on 17-Sep-2018 12:13:34

After doing lengthy research and considering our clients’ comments, we made the decision to present a new line of electric furnaces. There are numerous models of this furnace so the choice of which depends on the volume/size of products which need to be fired, rate at which the product requires firing at and the continuous temperature your products require.

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